Friday, December 5, 2008

A Dream

I've watched Twilight the other day...and I enjoyed the movie :) the fact that it was different from other type of vampire movies i've seen so far such as the underworld and van helsing that are more into kiling

I was told that it was a book adaptation...a top selling in US...of course those who have been reading the book have their own judgement for the movie....but for me it was another story that managed to entertain me during my weekend

I love the storyline....the so called human & vampire love was simple...

and the baseball scene was cool....wish it could be longer

I couldnt believe that Cedric could play the part and he was totally different...he was charming

Iya even downloaded the book...but I could not promise myself to read know how am I when it comes to reading :p

Will wait for the next sequel

Call me jiwang...or even laugh at me...but after watching the movie...that night i dreamed about Edward Cullen...or to be precise...the vampire :)

Bite me...hehehe

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