Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Time

I was asked to conduct an interview to fill a vacancy in my department, which is the Analyst Programmer. Due to the fact that my boss had other important jobs to be taken care of. Anyway the programmer will be assigned under me, that is why my boss asked me to do the interview so that i can choose the right candidate for the post.

So last Monday, me and a colleague of mine together with a rep from HR conducted the interview. This rep i shall name her Kak X, I love to see Kak X. She is always smart in her office attire and her bob cut hair. She even speaks fluent english with accent. She did contribute her voice for our Train announcement. Known that the original voice used for our train was done by Yasmin Yusuf. That was way back in 1998, I was just in Form 4. So if there's any changes, we could not afford to hire her again, we would just use our own hidden talent and Kak X is one of them. Anyway, she is a nice person. This is the first time i got to work with her and she made the interview went easily.

We had 4 candidates, two internal and two external. First I was nervous, but then I thought I am the one interviewing than why should I should be the candidates instead. Well coz that was the 1st time me being the panel. Kak X did most of the and my colleague asked more to the technical parts.

Happened to be, our 2 internal candidates have dip/degree in computer science. But they didnt get to apply their knowledge and have not been using them like 4-6 years.

The 1st external candidate graduated in Information Management majoring in Record Management which I thought not really suitable for this post.

We were searching for a computer science/IT graduate that are well versed with programming languages. We need someone that is good in programming and database to develop our new eventlog from the existing one and to develop a system for our Revenue side. Meaning that, we could not afford to hire someone that has forgotten or no longer practise their skills. We need to start the project immediately and a person that is still fresh with the knowledge would be best fit for this post.

Then came the 2nd external candidate, graduated from UiTM in computational mathematics, Comp Sc. Anyway, that was the 1st time I heard about the course. She lives in JB, just graduated, have good programming skills and did a Revenue System for her Final Year Project. Then I realised, she's the right person to fill the spot. The best part is she is younger than me...that makes it easy for me to guide, to give orders or even bully...oooppss heheh :p

The interview went well and believe it or not I did quite good I must say. Despite me being shy, hate public speaking and pickup calls I managed to get through. I got to see the point of view of an interviewer. I know what they want and what they aspect from the candidates. Now that I know I hope it will be a guidance for me when I attend my own interview in the future....hehehe dont know when tho

I shall get my new cubicle mate in December....and will continue gossiping like before :)


i hate stupid smart aleck said...

akuk SKE GILER conduct interview ye! suke gegiler. kekeke


suke gile ni sure kes nak dera bebudak tu heheh