Sunday, August 24, 2008

My newborn niece

Actually i was quite bz for the past 2's because i'm now a proud mak ngah/auntie nina /? to my newborn niece Jasmine Adelia Muhammad Faiz...

one hour after birth

I'm so thankful, after all the obstacles that my sister had to go through, she safely delivered a healthy baby girl on Wednesday morning, 13 Aug 2008 at 8.15am. She broke her water bag when i was bz watching CSI NY the other night and we rushed her str8 to Assunta Hospital right after that.

6 hours after birth

Since we havent had a baby in our family for quite a while we were all so excited....not to mention, she is the 1st cucu for both families...not only niece is the 5th generation, they all came from the 1st child of the's the chart....

unyang in lenggeng
my datok (1st child) wedded my nenek
my mama (1st child)
my sis (1st child)
my niece (1st child)

isnt that great, my unyang lives in lenggeng, n9 and she's more that 90 years old sure she gonna be happy when she found out she already had a 'piot'...

12 days

i dunno whether to call her jasmine or lia....and the whole family dunno what she should call us when she grows i even have a reason to go back early from the sis gonna be here during the confinement period and right after that she will move for good to seremban to his husband's this is the only chance that we have with her

she is so playful...her facial expressions make her even cuter....she loves bathing, and i will be bz asking my mom, nina nak pakaikan baju baby bole? heheh...i've been practising to carry her too...luckily i have my cat, spottie to be my experiment baby heheh

congrats to both my sis and my bro in law...get well soon sis...i hope both of u will be happy and do take good care of her...for the baby....auntie nina/mak ngah/? pray for u good health, kindness and may Allah bless you and the rest of the family always...amin

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