Friday, August 22, 2008


Errmm i'm clueless....actually i was thinking how did i get this premature gray only 25...there must me something wrong somewhere...i surfed the internet to find the cause of it...and i came across this :

* dieting - im not exactly on diet but yes i do watch what i eat and sometimes i try to lessen my
food intake

* lack of vitamins - Vitamin B complex, i remember not taking any
supplements for quite a long time...last time i used to consume
Vitamin C and evening primrose without fail

* stress - erm i guess this will be the main contributor for my gray hair

like what i said when ppl mention about my gray hair....byk berpikir's true....i may not be a ruler of a country....or an athlete trying to win a 1st olympic gold medal....or a general to lead his soldiers in a big war....but i do think a lot....because i cant help keeps on haunting me....i feel headache, searched for panadol...2 tablets will make the pain go away...and lay down for a nap...

Im thankful for everything....i tried to do my best...i've always tried to lend my hand to help if i can....but you cant always stop people from judging you....u know it's wrong but you couldnt say anything...people always like to accuse something that they dont know...but they never tried to understand....and make fun of may be small...but like i always said....a wrong statement at a wrong particular it bleeds you inside....for no one is there for will feel so helpless....clueless at the same time....and wish to be all alone by yourself....

Like what im feeling right now....
But then, a prayer will ease my pain and make me smile the whole day

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