Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Cravings for...

i dunno why, but lately im craving for cendol...maybe because the day is so hot that i need something cold to refresh myself...I dont want instant cendol at any restaurant or foodcourt...I want cendol mamak tepi jalan to be exact hehe...I had been sleeping with full blast aircond and fan but still feel hot...i guess this will be the right time for me to berendam at the waterfall...last time i was shivering when i dipped my feet into the im gonna get my cendol this week

pic by hoithink
And now i love teppanyaki...i couldnt remember the 1st time i had it...but now i need to have my teppanyaki at least once a month...teppanyaki is a no-no to bean sprout haters btw hehehe....i already tried teppanyaki at klcc foodcourt, teppanyaki at MV and mr.teppanyaki at cineleisure...but mr. teppanyaki is my fav coz it's nice and comes with a bowl of soup...compared to teppanyaki at MV...eventhough nice setting, nice japanese teppanyaki feels dry and less its a no-no

p/s: im getting bored with the selection of dishes at my office cafe...either u hv to buy there or go outside and eat...i think a home-cooked meal will be great for me

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