Sunday, June 27, 2004

a treat

finally, im in the mood to update my blog..more than a month i've been enjoying myself at home or in other words..i didnt socialize at all..only then i got a wake up call from my friends..hehe

my parents suddenly felt like taking us all to jw marriot for makan2..coz they got bonus this time..after 3 years br dapat..i ordered lasagne..sebab tibe2 je teringat mase me,sarah,aznim n friends went to red cafe long time ago..aku nak order nasi goreng kampung..then aznim kate "ko ni ida,pegi tempat mahal2 camni makan ah yg best2 sket,ade ke n.goreng kampung..tu kedai mamak pon dapat"..haha i laughed to myself..betui gak tu,so at last i ended up eating steak..sume aznim nyer pasal haha..after that we walked to sungei sket2..n then kitorang masuk satu kedai dad was so interested with the portable dvd mum plak beriye nak beli digital camera sebab kitorang pon takde at last kitorg belilah digital camera..dvd player tu my dad kate some other time..n i was given the responsibility to look after there goes my saturday..dah lame x jalan2 area bukit bintang best korang,bile kite nak try naik roller coaster kat times square...dah lame lah tak hangout together kan..oklah have to stay up for sweden n holland match..go sweden!~

p/s: testing gamba sat..oit sarah,hang dah beli ke camera lomo hang tu..kasik experiment ah sket

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