Friday, May 21, 2004

in loving memory of shiro

for the past few days,i dont feel well coz i kept thinking about my cats...i dont have any interesting stories to tell coz im not socializing during my semester's not easy for me to just forget about it,i love them so much n they were like part of the family..every angle in this house reminds me of her..usually after i woke up i will wash the toilet from shiro's pupu..yeah now i dont have to do it anymore,but knowing i dont have to wash the toilet because shiro is no longer with me made me cry..maybe it'll take some time for me to recover..since shiro ill,i was the one who took care of her..seeing her not eating,vomiting everytime i fed her made me so sad..furthermore,when i found her lying helplessly that tuesday morning..i took her to the vet the day before,the dr. asked us to keep her really warm,but i think that's just not enough..she became a mother at the age of 7-8 months..which is a young age for a cat,at least must be 1 year old..n that is one of the factor why she was so weak after giving birth..the memories are still fresh in my mind..remember how i met her when me n my sisters were cleaning our front house from the sand during raye nite..manja towards my frens during my OH..the one that i could recall,sitting on ferris n lan's lap. We buried her next to e.t..luckily i have some pictures of them taken with my webcam..i guess that's the only way for me to relieve myself...another bad news..blackie n spottie were infected by scared me a lot coz i already lost e.t..took them to the vet..the dr.gave antibiotic..they still small n dont know that their mother had left them all..they sometimes searched the house for their mother..i have to feed them with milk everyday..that is the saddest moment of all..hope they could make it through..luckily we have a neighbour which is a cat lover to watch them for us while we are away...she couldnt give that's why she loves cat very if like they were hers..i am so relieved when she agreed to take care of them..i prayed for them to get better each day n when i'm back i want to see them jumping around...i already missed them..hope this holiday will ease my mind n heal my,here i come!~

p/s: send my regards to nad n our friends if u guys happen to go to her sis's wedding this saturday

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