Wednesday, July 7, 2004

The end of demam bola and a beginning of demam kuliah

Finally the Euro2004 has ended..credits to Greece..a team which has lesser attention by viewers compare to the others but then strike to their best and won the title..since it started..i missed watching only 2-3 games..for my bedtime is no longer is now 2-4am..n i acted as a reporter every subuh to my watching ball talk..kelakar lah..they invited two guests every night to the show..n they had to be the goalkeeper of the virtual goal..the virtual penalty kicks are made via the sms by the viewers..alah yg macam kat petrosains tu..hehe tergelak tgk afdlin shauki jd keeper hari tu..

my U reopened last two weeks..i have 10 credit hours left..n i picked classes only on monday n wednesday..starting from 9am to 5pm..very tiring..but only 2 days n the rest i can stay home with my kittens hehe..

last monday was my 2nd class of seni reka batik..most of my friends asked me why did i choose batik for my ko-k..hehe coz that's the only class from 3-5pm..i would love to take any of the martial arts but the classes are mostly from 5-7pm,8-10pm...susah lah nak balik coz about this lecturer's name is george pereira..he's an indian..punyelah lawak..siap nak buat jamuan perpisahan lah apelah padahal class baru je nak start..n then hari isnin tu punyer lah ujan die demo mcm mane nak canting dlm bilik je..patutnye kat luar..kat taman bunga hehe..n then die nak tunggu jugak ujan reda sebab die nak ajak kite sume begamba..not only for kenangan..but it's easier for him to check out his students..he said give me a call if u are absent n describe kat die kite yg mane satu dlm photo tu haha mcm ape mase ujan tgh still rintik2..kitorg begamba ramai2..siap ngan tripod sume lah..haha aku dah buat ramai kawan dah kat batik ni..ngan sume org aku bercerite so takdelah bosan sgt..n im really looking forward to this class..tak saba nye nak try bakat buat week mule canting haha..

ok then i got a class at blog dr lab tau..korg nye pasal aku update hehe ta!~

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