Tuesday, April 6, 2004

today,i spent the whole day at home..not knowing what to do...i decided to wash the clothes..its actually my sis's duty..not to say only her duty..but she used to do that..n then i tried to be more caring towards my mum's plants...put the baja,siram n all...rain started to fall at 4.30...oh that cant be good..im sure my parking space will be all dirty with rain water n mud....
latest news about my cat..shiro..i will refer to it as she...she's not suci anymore...haha i have failed to protect her from the outside world...try to lock her up in the house all day long just becoz she is still small...n i dont really know when was the time that my jiran's cat ..a he..noticed her for the 1st time..n started to be so loving to me..asik manje2 n all..dulu nak pegang pon taknak...rupenyer2 mcm tau je kiter ni bakal mertua die haha...her perot started to boroi end of last month..n at that time..we all tried to relieve ourselves...my dad said she's not pregnant..n i said maybe yes by just looking at her perot....n turn out to be..the day i came back from china..i was shocked to see her perot so besar..in fact i was just away for 3 days..i remember saying this to her...alah sian nyer kecik2 dah kene jadik mak..haha..n the best part is...her husband, i name him here as R, R is so caring n always try to get into my house to pay her a visit...he's not like the other cats...he knew..he's responsible for making her pregnant hahah..romantic lah pulak..but still we kinda prohibited them from seeing each other..just through the sliding door..with both of them looking at each others eyes...haha kejam nya aku..n to ana,yayai n jizni..if u read this..i just wanna say that im preety sure they did it on the day u guys spent the night in my house..the day shiro sounded differently...rakus gitu n knocked down my mum's vase haha...im sure u all remember...the best part..R is a persian..my cat is a cute version of kucing paria that i found during raya nite..n i guess their babies will be so damn cute..kalau baby die banyak maybe i hafta give away...i think if shiro can talk..she maybe wanna say..stop bullying me! as for me n iya love to sakat her a lot..skarang..dgn perot memboyot lagik lah teruk kene sakat..muke kecik tibe2 badan boyak haha padan muke...by the way this is my shiro..it's not her latest pic though

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