Thursday, April 8, 2004

it's ur life without no excitement for da whole 3 months is a suffer...but what else to do coz i dont even plan of i guess i must have to cope with all that..i can say im a full time maid now..hehe nothing interesting to talk about except for my trip to was preety nice as what i expected

it was a 3 days n 2 nights stay...only the two of mum n i..yeah rite..we still have to save some money coz in a year only one foc ticket is applicable for each of foc ticket we'll keep it for later trip...we only have to pay 10% of the full price quite okay rite..that's why i think of getting myself a job too in MAS..easy 4 me to travel next time..we departed at 8.45am on 26/3... arrived in about 5 1/2 hrs later...went together with my mum's frens..auntie ani brought her sis along...auntie banun brought her 17yrs old son..and auntie yati with her 15yrs old all together..there were 8 of n my mum were in the same group with auntie we did the shopping together..while the other 4 went on their own...but we still managed to encounter each other for the places we visited were the same...we got a bigger van though...

Day 1 we got into the van and headed to Ya Baulu..we didnt go str8 to the hotel..mum said we got some shopping to do...we got a female driver..they 1st thing she did when we got into the van was to play us some music..i didnt realise at at the beginning but then i said "eh mcm penah dgr je lagu ni"..n what a surprise..i was right..she played ting ting from noraniza idris haha..she kep on saying good da..good da..we then said among ourselves.."die ni mentang2 kiter malaysian pasang lagu artis kite,mcm lah kiter minat na noraniza idris tu"..haha for few hours the songs keep on playing until at one point we asked her to stop..haha..she said the malaysian ambassador gave her the cassette..haha sakit aku denga lagu n.idris lame2..tak pasal2 satu album tu dah abis the first stop was in Ya Baulu..i dont think i get it rite...Ya Baulu is a place for the mothers..just name it...comforter,cushion cover, scarf,table cloth,table runner and all... the quality is good and mostly are hand made..everything was nice as everyone knows most of the things are from china..n then at 4pm..we headed to the was a 3 star hotel..quite nice though..yeah we went there not for was more to business so i guess everything that we wanna spend on got to be considered...the prob when u go to the's quite hard to find halal food here..unless if u join the tour...we brought a bag full of foods..curry brahim is a must mum cooked ayam rendang,sambal ikan bilis n rice from m'sia just for that...mum's fren lagi teruk..siap bwk ikan kembung masak kicap dlm plastik haha..klaka betul..die masak byk sangat so die kasi kitorang sikit...luckily at the airport,they didnt bother to check our bags...china is not as strict as in australia n new zealand where u have to declare ur things..especially food stuff... i remembered once when we went to brisbane..we went to the green lane if im not mistaken to declare our goods...this indian..but with australian annoying..he asked my dad..what do u have in ur bag,sir? dad replied.."food..can food "...n then he checked open the beg.."u said u only have can food...but this one i found here is a packet food" hate that guy..attitude prob betul..with his intonation n his face..i said to myself "eee,keling ni nak kene ni" understood ah...kate dah nak check bag tu so my dad ckp jelah can food, x terpk plak nak kate packet food...n i saw yg mat saleh lain sume frenly towards the keling ni jerk sakit sket haha...however the food that we brought was not even one being dumped inside the bin...back to my 1 was not that tiring..i shall continue the story in my next entry..gtg n feed shiro

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