Tuesday, January 27, 2004

went to um at 11am..my mum was not feeling well,she had a fever..i asked my sis to accompany her to the clinic coz i have to rush for my class..when i got back,i heard a sad story from my mum..her dear fren..same department in MAS passed away this morning coz of breast cancer..i feel sad too..my mum told me she had been advising this fren of hers to go n get further treatment but as usual..some of the malay still believe that bomoh can cure this such of disease..eh kalo kene santau ke..buatan org ke..acceptable gak ok..ni cancer!!..at last she went back to da hospital..but of course it was to late i guess...AL-FATIHAH...
last nite my mum,my sis n i went for dinner in a restaurant near taman mesra..i love that place..the satay is nicer from samuri coz it's slightly smaller n juicier..we ate nasi paprik n ABC..oh the nite was damn hot...after finished eating..on our way to the car..suddenly i saw this one iswara coming towards us...the car stopped..n then a lady came out..wearing a maroon punjabi suit..i said to myself,i know this girl..n then she said "oit ida"..haha it was kamala n her family...we hugged each other n said "lamenye tak jumpe haha"...we even chatted with her mother...like usual..kalo dah jumpe kamala mmg ler havoc giler..kitorang bole borak kat depan kedai tu..they said i look cute with my new hairstyle..haha nak mengampu lah tu suruh jemput datang raye lagi..n then i started to realise how close can we be..that shows religion n race is not the problem..it's just the matter of how u appreciate ur frens..cheh emo ler plak..to tell the truth im glad to be one of the convent students coz we get to mix with everybody..but the limitation is there..with girls only...haha that's why when i first stepped into kmm i had a culture shock..coz it was a co-ed...but i still think that co-ed & non co-ed schools are unique in their own ways..i enjoy being in convent and also kmm..eventhough the feeling is different, i still have great time,great memories and of course i got to make new frens...oh how i miss my old days..

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