Thursday, January 29, 2004

talking bout thesis, i guess everyone in final year will be facing it too...sometimes i just try to rilex n not to think deeply bout this..but my mind keeps on reminding me..the best part is i already finished all the mid term exams...but what's left are much more a headache to me...i have another 4 assignments and 4 my thesis presentation which i scared the most..i still have a lot more to cope with my system...the presentation will be less in 2 weeks..n i dont think i can finish it as what i've planned...having a supervisor that doesnt help much & assume u know everything makes it more doing an ES for stress management..but what can i say now is that im the one who've been in stress to develop can i assure people to use up this system whereas the developer herself have tough time to manage her own stress along the development period...arghh...i am so not organised...sometimes i feel like so thesis is 5 credit,good or bad result will definitely affect my whole pointer...but u must have faith in urself...yes im going to finish it no matter what..i know i can do it...wish me luck then!~

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