Saturday, January 31, 2004

i should be continuing my unfinished work today..but guess siblings n i went to watch kuliah cinta..haha..i know i said b4 that i'll not spend my money on malay movie unless it's really good...but i dont know why..maybe 4 the sake of seeing kamala in the movie..yeah kamala appeared in two scenes...i laughed out loud..but i couldnt see her face coz they shot her from behind....n i could feel she'd been MAINTAINING herself hahah..however i think it's worth the money being paid..50 bux..kalo setakat jalan mcm tu even i will volunteer...haha..x sangke my fren dah jd the one i've been waiting for is puteri gunung ledang..i've seen the trailer n thought that it has a nice cinematography..but i do hope the storyline will be good n not disappointing...coz i've experienced a lot of movies which have good publicity at first but ended up not interesting as i expected it to be....example..."the league of extraordinary gentlemen"..the storyline is a bit slow n lack of actions...same goes to "x-men"..the cast should be wearing the same attire as in comics..n adding the theme song in da movie will make it more interesting...haha i dont know bout others..but that's what i think...the latest film i watched was "the last samurai"..n it was tell the truth...i never really like any of tom cruise's films before coz they didnt show his credibility as hero...but this story n "minority report" really took my heart...i love action the war scene but not in real life...feels good to be a samurai..last time i was so into 3 ninjas until i wanna be a ninja movie in my list will be "gothika"..but i'll be really bz in feb so have to catch it when im free

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