Monday, January 26, 2004

to me the blog is like a diary,the difference is that it can be read by other people..i used to have a diary before..but surely it ended up as my buku conteng..haha loves my buku conteng..notes,writen conversation with classmates..gossiping ppl,sketches bodo are all in i might say i'm not rajin enough to write bout my daily routines..maybe if im in da mood to express my feelings here definitely it'll be a long one...ok as usual i had to attend 2 classes on monday..from 10-1..10-12 was my mobile computing class n 2 other groups have to present about their case studies solution..i dont know what's wrong with this lect.,of course is a 'she'....kerek semacam jerk..from the beginning till now...asik nak fire org,tak penah puas hati,i mean i do agree she's brilliant coz she already had Dr.title...but no need to act that siap lecture kat group tu..mcm mane nanti nak keje?...kalo awak taktau patut tanye saye kan?..nape suke buat assumption jerk? i just kept quiet..if im not mistaken the case study can be solved using our own imagination...even the question is not so detail,so there are some things that we can assume in order to solve it...haha forget it lah
still remember after raye when my group submitted our proposal..we've been asked to suggest one mobile application for that time we were so bz with other subjects..we've been rushing to finish it..the best way to do is to copy n paste from the internet hahah..but mase tu nak cepat sgt sampai tak sempat nak edit..nampak sgt bukan ori coz the wordings are so fine haha..after that in the class,she called each of the group in front..die komen n kasitau ape yg patut add lagi...n then it was our turn..the first thing she asked was " ni keje awak sendri ke?" me n my frens mcm buat muke bodo jerk.." mane awak copy ni..awak copy kan? " took me a while to nod my head.."brape percent awak copy?"..n then all of my frens diam..i said erm...40%.."ye ker 40% je"..i knew it was our fault but at that time i felt like nak cekik2 je die...sarcastic giler muke die mase ckp tu..saba jelah..n she asked us to write it again..then i was thinking wut's wrong with the proposal...bile bace balik gelak sorang2 pon ader haha...part target users kitorang tu nampak sgt copy,siap ade investors lah saham lah padahal takde kene ngena ngan application yg nak kitorang buat..n the moral of the story is next time finish ur job earlier so no need to rush n copy paste sampai lupe nak edit..hehehe

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