Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Somehow I have been keeping this long hair for 3 years...and throughout the years i think i have done rebonding twice and one re-touch up for my hair

not including 'highlights' that i made 2 months after starting my 1st ever job + 4 times of colouring my hair due to i hate the 'highlights' that turned up way beyond my expectation + curling my hair with hot curler, usually for special occasion eg. wedding or when i have the desire

just imagine how many chemical process i have done to my hair....pity my hair...coz the owner wanted to look good and continuously damaging the hair....anyhow i am a bit relieved coz all the 'damaged' hair that i got thru the 'highlights' and colouring had been chopped off throughout the years...

all i have now is my new grown hair but of course not as healthy as during my teen years....my hair tend to be dry....thanks to the hairdryer that fasten the result

it's time for me to hit the salon...maybe for hair treatment to give moisture back to my lifeless hair...but now the dilemma is...

I feel bored with my hairstyle...this innocent long str8 hair look had accompanied me for like ages...i need to do something...at least i can call it my ' rambut raya'

but knowing me with my 'pipi tembam', short hair is definitely to avoid...and i havent had short hair for quite some time...the last was in 1999 during school years...i asked for 2 inches cut but she ended up experimenting her skills with my hair...she got my hair cut like a boy....thanks to my hairdresser.....i got two instant secret admirers at school...of course my junior...and i have no idea what they like about me...issit because of the hair...if they wanted to be a part of 'junior crush on senior thing' which i could say a common scene in any all girls school...i would say please im not interested at all...i would have made it earlier if i wanted it that way...not to cut my hair during the 2nd semester of my final year in school...come to think of it...i wonder, what's the criteria the senior should have to have a crush on?....issit

a) have short hair
b) handsome looking
c) active in sports
d) boyish manner
e) cool
f) all the above

the best part of all, they acted as if im the guy....hey common...im not even a tomboy...i just got a wrong haircut that's all...but i couldnt say that...they like u till the extent of showering u with warm wishes and pressies...once i got 2 chocolate balls delivered to me in a nice wrapping...i shared them with a friend...and they made a pencil holder specially for u...that i could not forget...i appreciated it but dont get me wrong...i accepted it as a friend and as an elder sister....

but when u reminisce them all...you will sigh and maybe giggle alone...it was funny though

so that's why i will still go for long hair...however 'rambut raya' is still in my imagination...short hair will do but not too short coz i had my own reason for that....i cannot help it if akak2 in my office have crush and droolling all over me...hahaha perasan...enough with them favouring one of my body parts and i feel weird when everytime they mention about it....

to seben....ko jgn gelak baca entry ni :p


Anonymous said...

perasannyer... senang je, pki tdg...hehehe...


insyaAllah...di suatu masa nanti :)

i hate stupid smart aleck said...

ko trim kasi past shoulder. and change the way ko parting. stead of side, just sauk ke atas and clip ke. u definitely tak buleh berambot pendek as u have round face. and jgn buat layered please. potong old skool stret tang kat blakang tuh.

huhu...mengingatkan akuk ttg rambotku yg telah dipotong beberapa inci disebabkan split ends yg mengganaz. tapi takpa. asalkan akuk buleh basuh rambut pagi and trus ke ofis tanpa perlu diiron. kekeekek :)

mediocre sadist said...

aku tak gelakkan bab ko diminati adik2 tu..

tapi aku nak gelakkan bab ko sidetrack dari ceta rambut ke ceta zaman dolu kala tuhhh..mwahahahahaa..classic gile!!

anyway..aku rasa u better off with long hair..my personal opinion la.. and probably..instead of rebonding..ko biarkan rambut ko curly..and once in awhile..ko buat big curl dekat bottom layer tu..

baru ada cam kudsia kahar sikittt..auwwwww!!! :P


kay : tulah pasalkan...mak ni muke bulat jadi xleh ler rambut pendek..kalo nak kene lah shed off 10 kilos dulu kuikuikui..nampaknye long hair lah jugak...wah gi keje rambut basahh...sexy gitu :p

seben : dh mase tu je yg aku short hair...so cerite di sebaliknya tak akan ku lupe hehe..

aku pon igt nak wat curl lah kat ujung2...dah bosan rebonding je..dh wavy nak str8, dh str8 nak curl..mcm2 kawan ko ni sorg hehe

alahhhh balik2 kudsia kahar...tensen lah mak mcm ni :p

i hate stupid smart aleck said...

tak pun ida...revival sahara yaakob! kekkeke


eeee...tak best arr

lagi pon tak bole...coz sebelah umah aku dh ade kuikuikui