Thursday, July 10, 2008

A long awaited moment

Reading blog is my new found hobby...i've becoming more addictive to it each when i arrived at my workplace, the 1st thing i would do after checking my email would be reading ppl's blog...yes i know we supposed to work guys...not blog hopping or surfing or bla bla bla...but i just cant help made my day fill with more stories rather than my own

So after many attempts made to update my long untouchable blog...i at last did it today coz i had nothing to do despite feeling bored and clueless...many of my colleagues are on boss is bz with his thing...and b4 i knock off in front of the pc it's better for me to pay a visit to my blog and do something....

As u can see the last posting i made was in June 2005...if my calculation is will be 3 years of no blogging at all...that's why i have to rescue it...i guess my wardrobe will be full of dust or even rats...noted that rats heheh...if it's being left unattended for 3 years hehehe....i did some cleaning, sweeping here and there...and proud to be blogging again...hope it will not stop here...and of coz im not going to delete my old postings...especially the ones with cats...feel sad already...later i will blog on that

I experienced a lot for the past 3 years....either i was too bz or too lazy to update my blog...i have to agree with the latter the last posting we were having a farewell for my cousin to further his studies in he had graduated....i remember i stopped blogging just after i landed on my 1st ever job since graduated....and currently still working at the same place...i dont have any proof of my 3 years working not anymore...i feel like writing again and wanna spill anything that come across my mind to my newly groomed blog...however i will do it rushing at all

Glad i could be here :)


mediocre sadist said...

and today is 25th's like 15 days without any new entry.

ape ceta ni beb? kata mau active berblogging! hahaha


haha dh syak dh mesti aku terkena balik ni..yoler nak update ler ni kuikuikui