Saturday, May 8, 2004


finished doing all the hantaran at 5pm...done by me..mak anjang..n my happy everything has been completed...later at night two of my uncles came by to have a look at our preparation...especially my uncle iwan...i have to be the photographer for the night and took some pictures of him with the we know...on engagement day...only the girl needs to be there...unlike edry kru n his wife during their engagement....haha...they acted like they had just gone thru nikah session....the plan at first was to bring along my uncle to kuantan...just to pay a visit to her family n maybe he can come by after the event but then he has to do his tomorrow 4 of us..with other relatives will be going to kuantan early in the sis couldnt follow bcoz she has a final exam to attend to...we'll be spending the night there..maybe 1 or 2...havent visited kuantan before...let see what kuantan has to offer...sarah WINK! WINK! and the pics taken are not that clear coz i took them using my videocam...wait till i have my own digital camera see ya in 2 days time...

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