Sunday, March 13, 2005

my lovely buddies

im now trying to reminisce everything i've learned thru out my entire studies...doing my multimedia project during my matrix time is one of the unforgetful experience i had....doing multimed thingy is so much fun n less stress if i have to compare it with programming haha...feel bored today n i tried to lay my hands on one of the pics...just a simple one...but i enjoyed it...more coming up i guess as i love to see gg's graphic... g, dr kmm sampai skang ko jd mentor aku yek haha...anyway habislah gamba2 korg aku experiment nanti haha

p/s: seben..thanx 4 the dinner...iju thanx 4 joining..korg jelah yg ade slalu pon nk kuar ngan aku..syg bangetttt sama kamu sume haha

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