Saturday, May 1, 2004


i got my result last sis came up to me n said...i got a present for was 10am...i was still in that time i answered.. ape..taik?...meaning taik kucing that i have to get rid n my dad jerk yg sanggup nak buat...yg lain xleh sis said..bukanlah..nah from UM...i was excited that i opened it str8away...i already knew my result except for one i dont really know my exact pointer for last sem...n i was was the 2nd highest pointer i've ever had thru my entire studies in UM...i was kinda regret coz i got all the good pointers in my final was my fault though for not studying hard at first..but i guess i just have to bare with it...i have another 10 credit hours to finish in this coming killer i must score on this one

my dad's lil going to get engaged next weekend...n we have to go to kuantan for that...spend a night or two..kinda bz rite now coz i volunteered to do the hantaran with alasan dok umah bosan xde bende nak buat...nowadays it's quite expensive if we were to hire someone..50 bux per hantaran kalo kat better to do it ourselves...coz sume bende dah ade n bole beli..riben..casing sume taktau ah ape jadik nanti hantaran uncle aku sbb aku yg buat...saje nak test skill...time aku nanti kalo nak suruh org bole lah tp bile pk2 lah buat sendri coz sume bole gune idea kiter...

tomorrow we'll have a simple birthday party for iya...n a family gathering of course...hafta clean up my room then... n kay...ur request has been fulfilled.

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